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Tumors and Infections of the Spine

Vertebral tumor

What is?

Vertebral tumors can be overlooked because their symptoms resemble those of more frequent diseases. It is important to know the symptoms to act on time and avoid problems that can even mean a permanent disability. Its proper treatment requires an evaluation by a team of experience, high technology and precision.


People can suffer:

  • Muscular: muscle weakness, muscle spasms, rigid muscles, coordination problems or hyperactive reflexes
  • Whole body: feeling faint or sweating
  • Sensitive: reduced sensation of touch or tingling
  • Urinals: urine leakage or urinary retention
  • Also common: shortness of breath, fecal incontinence or abnormal and painful sensation


In the case of confirming the diagnosis, the treatment will vary according to the type of tumor. In the most frequent case of seeing, which is that of a patient with metastasis, the objective is to perform a treatment that allows him to maintain himself in the best way, without fractures or neurological problems, until the last stages of his illness; It is a protection strategy.

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