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Fracture of the spine

What is?

Fractures in the spine occur when one of the bones of the spine fractures or collapses. These can be defined as simple or complicated (minor or major). A minor fracture means that a part of the posterior elements of the vertebra has been broken, parts that are not as vital to the stability of the spine.

A major fracture means that the part of the vertebral body or lamina has fractured. the fracture of the vertebral body is considered serious because it helps to support a lot of weight and distributes the strength of the movements. If they fracture, your spine may be unstable.


  • Back pain is a sign that something is wrong
  • Sudden onset of pain or mild chronic pain in the back may indicate a fracture of the spine
  • If you have back pain that lasts for many days, schedule a visit to your doctor so that the cause of back pain can be determined and treated.


Tell your doctor immediately about any new or unusual back pain. An early diagnosis can lead to more treatment options. A physical exam, along with an x-ray, can help determine if you have a fracture in the spine or not.

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