“A good doctor treats the disease;
A great doctor treats the patient who has the disease..”

-William Osler.


A happy and satisfied patient is a reminder of a well done job.


Low back pain or lumbago is a term for lower back pain, in the lower back, caused by a musculoskeletal syndrome.


When a disc between two bones of the spine tightens the nerves around the spine, this is called a herniated disc.


Spine degenerative disease refers to any degenerative condition of the spine and tissues.


A spinal fracture (vertebral compression fracture) occurs when one of the bones of the spine fractures or sinks.


A degenerative disease is a generally chronic condition, in which the function or structure of the affected tissues or organs gets worse over time.


Although rare, spine infections can vary significantly. Among the most common are osteomyelitis, discitis, and epidural abscess.


The reasons or triggers of muscle injuries can be internal and external.


“Magical Hands … after 2 unsuccessful spine operations, in April 2015 (3rd operation) and after living for 13 years with chronic pain, Dr. Mantecón brought me back to life … today I live without pain (taking care of myself logically). I have nothing to pay for … I can only say … thank you very much, God grant you the joy of continuing to heal and returning to life more people like me. “

Servando Vargas W.

“Hello, I have a few days of having surgery and I want to share that I have felt very well and recovery is going great, all this thanks to Dr. Armando Mantecón has been a very professional and experienced person, if I had the need I would not hesitate to trust him again, thank you doctor! “

Sabrina R.D.

“Thanks to Dr. Armando Mantecón, my mom’s surgery was a success, she no longer suffers from herniated disc and her quality of life has improved markedly thanks to him. I highly recommend to get in good hands with him. “

Joana Serrano González

“I had surgery in September 2013 because of an elbow fracture and now I have no problem using my arm, nor pain (people say it hurts with the cold but I went to the weather with snow at Christmas and nothing happened). I currently lift 70 pounds of weight with that arm with no problem so I recommend it.”

Abraham Pereyra

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